Old School Printing Press

Since leaving corporate life @ “Upside Downland” I’ve bumped into so many people with a very similar take on the world of printing.  Often times I’m met with ‘you need to get out of that industry it’s dead isn’t it?”  To which I respond “certainly it’s a dinosaur and I often times discourage people from actually printing products at all – I kill the deal before it even happens!!

I call that type of salesmanship UNPRINTING….

It’s not due to the carbon footprint or the save the trees campaign not at all it’s actually due to the nature of social media!  Mailers and postcards truly are not dynamic and eye catching enough to draw attention to a need.  Committing to a need by way of print is truly not the workhorse it once was.  Sure there’s a time and place for postcards and the printed medium however to motivate and captivate you must capitalize on the web 2.0 the Twitter and Facebook business model is undeniable….you must seek it out for exposure!

Evolve Digital has found a niche in the fine-art printing world, a world where printed products are not considered disposable but actually archival!

Enjoy unPrinting and engage one another it’s what we do outside of corporate Upside Down Land.


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