Selling yourself short….

Your New Focus

Recently I’ve been spending considerable hours reading various discussions encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit to hold fast – don’t cave to potential clients questioning your price points unaware of your expertise.  “There’s been a lot of emphasis on big innovation,” says Robin Petravic. “I think a lot of people have forgotten the importance of just doing something simple and doing it well.”

In this excerpt of my blog I would like to focus on what you bring to the table – why people pay for your services, expertise and professionalism.

Initially we all spend many hours determining, via extended research,  self worth & market value – to this I say stay the course! Do not underestimate or devalue the time spent looking under each rock developing your product and market value matrix.   The new economy is just that new, we adapt, adjust and move forward – the focus on the mark didn’t change the speed at which we arrive did!

Now is not the time to become impatient and doubtful; now is the time be resilient and evolve.

Your worth it and your offerings are too – don’t deviate from your plan – augment and enhance – growth will set you apart from your competition!