Family Albums – A Lost Art?

Children fishing at dusk

Image by underflowR via Flickr

Recently I spent some time observing my Facebook Wall and discovered a really interesting piece by Martin Parr . In the article Martin discusses a generation devoid of  Family Albums.  I know I’ve thumbed through the Zacharias Family shoebox (ours was a pasta box) of pictures but candidly speaking I don’t have my own shoebox – do you?

To be honest I never really thought about this but Marin’s observation is really accurate and very poignant – our digital generation is just that digital.

Why….”I can always print them later, they are digital….”

Did we just lose that moment in time?  Is it a memory lost?

Restore the excitement of the trip to the ‘photo lab’  pick up your ‘summer vacation’ pictures and thumb through them as soon as you jump into the car!   Now we might create an online book with captions instead of the photo lab but develop a family album habit – your shoebox legacy will not be forgotten!

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