Evolve Digital Clients are actively Going Green!

Green Matters

Working with American Forests, a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, we promise to plant one tree for every roll purchased.  This is our commitment to the environment and our customers: “You buy a roll, we plant a tree.  Together we’ll rebuild forests.”As a customer you can be assured that we will honor this commitment, and we encourage you to further this message with your own customers.  Let them know that your business cares about the environment, and that one tree will be planted for every roll used to create their prints.


4 Basic Questions for your Printmaker

ImagePROGRAF iPF8300

Fine Art Printing Checklist

Here are some fundamental questions for  your fine art printmaker :

•  If you do not have access to the print professional directly you need to find a new printmaker

1) Archival Inks - usually water based not solvent
2) Canvas make sure there are no OBAs - Optical Brightener Additives
3) Water based UV Coating applied to protect your canvas
4) Acid Free Paper

•  Groupon & Costco are affordable but don’t be duped – there’s a reason it’s so cheap.

•  If your print professional is not able to answer all of the above or he dismisses your inquiry move on.

Hopefully this checklist will adequately arm you with the right questions – build a solid relationship with your printmaker you’ll be rewarded with quality & consistency.

Project 40 | 40

Project 40/40

A Photographic Journey

Lynn Govea is working on project 40|40 but she’s not 100% ready to share – yet!

Check out the graphic for a brief description.

Based on her talent and vision it’s going to be a thought provoking celebration paying homage to women and their 40 week journey of life!

Studio time and an 11 x 14 portrait is her gift to each approved model. Project 40|40 is an opportunity for Lynn to give back.

To set up a photo shoot contact her directly or connect with us @ Evolve Digital and we’ll make sure you are introduced to the delightful Lynn.

Studio Location:   San Diego Area

Please share this special gift.

Family Albums – A Lost Art?

Children fishing at dusk

Image by underflowR via Flickr

Recently I spent some time observing my Facebook Wall and discovered a really interesting piece by Martin Parr . In the article Martin discusses a generation devoid of  Family Albums.  I know I’ve thumbed through the Zacharias Family shoebox (ours was a pasta box) of pictures but candidly speaking I don’t have my own shoebox – do you?

To be honest I never really thought about this but Marin’s observation is really accurate and very poignant – our digital generation is just that digital.

Why….”I can always print them later, they are digital….”

Did we just lose that moment in time?  Is it a memory lost?

Restore the excitement of the trip to the ‘photo lab’  pick up your ‘summer vacation’ pictures and thumb through them as soon as you jump into the car!   Now we might create an online book with captions instead of the photo lab but develop a family album habit – your shoebox legacy will not be forgotten!

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