Addition to the Family

Canvas Reproductions

Size Matters!

We just rolled in a massive, 800 lb, Eco-Solvent, Grand Format, 64 inch wide Epson GS 6000!

We are excited to announce that not only do we now offer larger format prints but they are considered “green”  🙂

Usually this is when we introduce the caveat of  increased price – not to be!  The canvas price point remains the same in fact there may be a slight reduction – to be announced!  In addition to being green & maintaining the bottom line we will be planting a tree for each roll of canvas we purchase!

It’s a fun program and we’re excited to have you on board!

Thanks for your support look forward to continued growth – pun intended 🙂

4 Basic Questions for your Printmaker

ImagePROGRAF iPF8300

Fine Art Printing Checklist

Here are some fundamental questions for  your fine art printmaker :

•  If you do not have access to the print professional directly you need to find a new printmaker

1) Archival Inks - usually water based not solvent
2) Canvas make sure there are no OBAs - Optical Brightener Additives
3) Water based UV Coating applied to protect your canvas
4) Acid Free Paper

•  Groupon & Costco are affordable but don’t be duped – there’s a reason it’s so cheap.

•  If your print professional is not able to answer all of the above or he dismisses your inquiry move on.

Hopefully this checklist will adequately arm you with the right questions – build a solid relationship with your printmaker you’ll be rewarded with quality & consistency.

101 scenes of Highway 101


August 22nd, 2010

OCEANSIDE: Painter captures Highway 101 in ambitious project

I’ll be following this mission of 101 paintings Scott Prior has embarked on, I’ll be posting images as the projects evolve.  I ‘got the call’ to stop by and chat with Scott while he was working on 1st Street Bar in Encinitas July 13, 2010.

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Scott’s goal is to assemble a Highway 101 Book loaded with 101 sites; wholesome for the eyes and stimulating for the mind.  For more information on this journey check out the Sign on San Diego article

Artiste Winery and Aldo Luongo

Evolve Digital, Artiste Winery and Aldo Luongo will be joining efforts shortly, I’ll keep you posted  but check out Aldo’s latest piece of work “Old Glory”.

An espresso in the mountains…..I’ll take two!

Aldo approved the color proofs so we’re ready to go to print!

7 x 9 watercolor giclee “Old Glory”

Old Glory

Artiste has recently been written up in the following blog…check it out worth the read

If you would like to check out more of Aldo’s work stop by his site